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By now, We've all heard the terms raw and virgin hair thrown around. But what are raw tresses and will they fit your lifestyle? Here we'll give you tips and tricks to get the best experience with your raw tresses. But beware, caring for your raw tresses is not as bad as it sounds, we promise! Our Raw Indian Collection is hair which is collected from South Indian temples from donors who sacrifice their locks for their own religious reasons. After collection, the hair is then bundled, wefted, cleaned, and shipped directly to our customers. No chemical processing, no added fillers or...

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Spring is in the air. Summer is on the horizon. Days are getting longer. Clothes are getting lighter. Pants are getting shorter. Hair is changing color, and before you know it, that summer, kissed-by-the-sun-glow has set in. Your hair is some variation of blonde and you are loving your gorgeous new locks... until they're a week old, have been slept on, are tangled, dry, and limp. But what happened?

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Curly hair is by far the sexiest texture to be worn in hotter summer climate. But how you care for it will make the difference between luscious bountiful curls, or dry limp tangled tresses. If your curls are frizzy or tangled, they're screaming for hydration! The more hydrated your curls, the more care-free, tangle-free, and easily maintained your tresses will be.

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