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Caring For Your Curly and Wavy Hair Extensions

Its officially summertime. The days are getting longer, the weather hotter, and clothing lighter. But what about your hair? If you're like many of our Goddesses and have chosen big curly summertime hair, this guide may be for you. Curly hair is by far the sexiest texture to be worn in hotter summer climate. But how you care for it will make the difference between luscious bountiful curls, or dry limp tangled tresses. If your curls are frizzy or tangled, they're screaming for hydration! The more hydrated your curls, the more care-free, tangle-free, and easily maintained your tresses will be.

First start off by detangling your tresses. Next, we recommend following up by using a hydrating sulfate-free shampoo when hair is visibly dirty or there is a need to shampoo. Otherwise, we recommend a deep moisturizing co-wash or hydrating conditioner. One of our favorites, and least expensive, is the Aussie Miracle Curls Deep Conditioning Co-wash. Apply product generously and brush through with your denman brush. Allow the product to sit for around five minutes, then rinse completely from hair. Follow up with a light leave in conditioner to continue to moisturize those curls between washes. This will need to be completely a few times a week, especially if wearing our raw textures. Because these textures are unprocessed and there are ABSOLUTELY no chemicals applied to the hair, the cuticle is open and exposed which allows moisture to escape faster than textures which have been processed.

After completing those steps, you'll want to allow hair to air dry whenever possible for best results. Next, finish off by adding your favorite curl pudding, serum, or styling product to define those curls and complete the look. By now your curls will be poppin' again and you'll be ready to take on the world! Unleash your alter ego Goddess!