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Is Raw Hair Really for Me?

By now, We've all heard the terms raw and virgin hair thrown around. But what are raw tresses and will they fit your lifestyle? Here we'll give you tips and tricks to get the best experience with your raw tresses. But beware, caring for your raw tresses is not as bad as it sounds, we promise!

Our Raw Indian Collection is hair which is collected from South Indian temples from donors who sacrifice their locks for their own religious reasons. After collection, the hair is then bundled, wefted, cleaned, and shipped directly to our customers. No chemical processing, no added fillers or animal fibers, no steam processing, just the most pure hair extensions on the market. Raw hair is very versatile and is gorgeous when cared for properly. Our curliest texture will flat iron bone straight and revert right back to its luscious curl pattern when wet. Want wavy tresses? Our wavy texture posses the same characteristics. Wear it wavy, drop curl it, or flat iron it bone straight. Want your waves back? Just wet your tresses and their naturally wavy texture will return.

Because Raw hair is not chemically treated, it will react to the elements. It is most comparable to natural hair types that have not been "permed". If there is moisture in the air, the hair will "get big" and begin to revert to its natural state. Frizziness can be tamed with the use of a light serum before straightening your tresses or rubbed lightly through the luscious curls, if worn in its natural state. Remember a little product goes a long way with our raw textures.

This versatility does come with a price. Raw hair is not a wear it and forget it type of hair extension. It is higher maintenance than "virgin" hair. When your raw hair extensions arrive, they will be clean, free of lice, having been shampooed, conditioned, and air dried. However, you may still wish to cowash and let air dry before install. If there is a need to shampoo your tresses, please be sure your selected product is sulfate-free and is repeated no more than once bi-weekly. Shampooing more often can cause dryness, tangling, and excessive shedding.

Tresses should be co-washed weekly and kept hydrated. Please take note that hydrated does not mean weighed down and saturated with oil. When hydrating the hair, we recommend the use of sulfate-free, water-based hydrating products. Products that are oil based will weigh the hair down and could cause tangling and shedding. Some of our favorites include:

  • Aussie "3 Minute Miracle Curls" Deep Conditioner
  • Aussie Paraben-Free "Miracle Moist" Conditioner
  • Garnier Fructis "Curl Nourish" Conditioner

After conditioning, be sure to completely wash all product out of the tresses as residual product will dull the hair and weigh it down.

Shampooing bi-weekly will help to remove build-up and keep your tresses bouncy, light, and natural looking. 

Be sure to tie up your extensions at night with a silk scarf or bonnet as it will reduce friction, thus reducing frizz.The better you care for your Raw Indian tresses, the more gorgeous and natural looking they will appear. When taken care of properly,your tresses will last for 3+ years

Here's to the most natural looking, purest hair on the market Goddess!