Luxury Units

Want a flawless finish with no leave out and the ability to wear and style freely? Our luxury full lace and lace frontal units are for you. Our units give the flexibility to try new hair textures and styles without the hassle of blending or damaging natural tresses. All luxury lace units are freestyle parting which allow you to part anywhere and style as desired. GGH's luxury lace units have been created using a 100% cuticle virgin hair. You can bleach, color, curl, and straighten hair as you would your own. All units are made with durable Swiss lace, and medium brown colored lace to compliment most skin tones. Knots are not bleached. Each standard unit is 150% density, but densities can be increased or decreased as requested. Caps are available in small, medium, and large sizes. As these are steam processed textures, continually straightening hair may affect curl pattern over time.

Caps are glueless and include combs and adjustable elastic band.

Textures include body wave, straight, deep wave, and loose wave.

Need a custom size, color, or texture? We've got you Goddess! Contact us.

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