How many bundles will I need for a full sew-in?
up to 16 inches - 2 bundles
18-24 inches - 2-3 bundles
24+ inches - 3-4 bundles
Do I need to seal my wefts?
While all hair extensions may experience shedding at around 1-2%, sealing wefts may add an extra layer of protection. If your hair extensions are curly textured or if you plan to cut wefts, we recommend sealing.

Am I able to bleach my knots?
Many may prefer to bleach knots to add to the illusion of real scalp on their lace products. However, bleaching knots weakens the attachment of the hair to the lace and will more than likely cause shedding. Please be sure to protect your investment and seal any bleached knots with a knot sealant to slow down any shedding. While we are happy to provide guidance, please note Gemini Goddess Hair is not responsible for shedding induced by knot bleaching. 
What is the difference between single and double drawn? Which collections are double drawn?
When hair is collected from its donor, it is pulled back into a ponytail and cut. As hair naturally grows in nature, not all strands will be the same length. Some may be longer, some may be shorter. Hair is thicker at the root and naturally thins out towards the ends. This type of collection is known as single drawn. Short hair lengths may vary 3-4 inches from longest published length, i.e. a 20 inch bundle may include hairs as short as 16 inches. However, each bundle is a full 3.5-4 oz. Hair is measured when pulled straight. Double drawn hair extensions take single drawn collection a step further. After the first pass, the short hairs are removed and replaced with hairs of the same length, ensuring that extensions are the same thickness from root to tip. Hair is then trimmed to ensure uniform thickness. Double drawn bundles typically are more expensive because of the extra work involved in ensuring hair is thick from root to tip. All of our hair extensions, with the exception of our SEA Collection are single drawn.
How often should I co-wash my bundles?
We recommend co-washing your raw bundles at least once weekly, curly bundles should be co-washed twice weekly. This will help to refresh, hydrate, and keep them moisturized. Because raw hair is not coated with the chemicals that many other hair extensions are coated with, it is essential that you co-wash and use a lightweight oil or hydration serum often to keep them hydrated. The more hydrated, the better your bundles will perform.
I placed an order, received it, and would like to exchange for another curl pattern. Am I able to exchange it?
Unfortunately, we have a strict no return/refund/no cancellation policy. Once orders are placed, there are absolutely no changes, returns, or cancellations. Due to the nature of the products being sold, we are unable to accept any hair extensions that have left our warehouse. Please ensure that you are clear on what you are ordering prior to checkout. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us beforehand.  
I placed an order, but am not sure I will be home to receive it. What should I do?
When your order is fulfilled, there are a series of alerts sent out via text and email that advise you when your order is expected to arrive, as well as any tracking updates along the way. All of our packages are sent out with Signature Confirmation. Your package will not be released without it. Please be sure to set any delivery preferences or re-route any packages as needed to prepare for delivery. Please contact your carrier for more detail.
How long is shipping/processing?
Shipping is 5-7 business days from the day of ordering (business days are Monday-Friday only, no weekends, and no national holidays) This time frame is for all NON CUSTOM items. If you are ordering a custom item, an estimate will be given at the time the order is placed. Custom orders/International orders DO NOT* follow this same time frame. Please also note that order processing time frames may be increased during sales, pre-orders, or other pre-sale events. Orders are sent out in the order received. In this case, please allow up to business 14 business days for your order to arrive.