SEA Lace Closures

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We’re taking you to the depths of Southeastern Asia with some of the most beautiful curly and wavy textures to ever exist! We’re hitting the Cambodian coast and the mountainous regions of Myanmar, and Lao! No passport needed! Grab your favorite curl pudding, custard, or mousse’ and make those curls pop!

Our SEA lace closures and frontals are perfect. They give the flexibility to try new hair textures without the hassle of blending or damaging natural tresses. All closures are freestyle parting which allows you to part anywhere. GGH's lace closures have been created using a 100% cuticle virgin hair which allows you to bleach, color, curl, and straighten hair as you would any other virgin texture. All of our lace closures and frontals are made with durable french lace to prevent tearing and transparent colored lace to compliment most skin tones. Knots are not bleached. Each closure/frontal is 100-110% density.

Closures measure 4" * 4"

 SEA LACE is available in Burmese curly, Cambodian curly, Cambodian wavy, Laotian ocean wave, and Laotian straight. All patterns are steamed for texture.